Through our efforts to build diverse ATL Advantage Studios, Inc. contact lists, we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to networking. Here are a few simple but reliably effective strategies for adding valuable connections that can bolster your career.

Doing research on potential contacts is one way to quickly improve your prospects. Before we represent ATL Advantage Studios, Inc. at any type of big industry gathering, we check out social media pages related to the event. We can usually find some background information about attendees and speakers, which helps us know where to target our efforts once we’re at the venue.

We’ve also learned how valuable it is to stretch outside our comfort zones when networking. It’s easier to find unique insights when we spend time with people who don’t do the same type of work we do from day to day. By putting ourselves in different networking contexts, we open our minds to unique perspectives that can lead to new opportunities.

Following up with our new contacts is another essential part of our networking strategy. Within a day of an initial meeting, we send an email or LinkedIn invitation to let the other person know we’re serious about a meaningful connection.

These simple techniques help us make the most of every networking event. Like ATL Advantage Studios, Inc. on Facebook to find more of our best connecting advice.